The main objective of the organization is to contribute to the achievement of SDG 6 globally through the promotion of the Water Operators Partnerships practice on national, regional, and international levels.

In conducting its activities, the organization is guided by its guiding principles of transparency, integrity, inclusivity, efficiency, solidarity, and working for non-profit partnerships, in the same spirit of the Hashimoto Action Plan, through which the UN Secretary General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation (UNSGAB) launched the WOPs movement in 2006.

Water Operators Partnerships facilitate exchange of experience and expertise between water and sanitation operators through South – South and North – South partnerships. Water operators are vital reservoirs of skills and knowledge. By promoting and supporting these cost effective, non-profit partnerships to transfer that know-how to upgrade and improve the performance of developing country water operators, we believe we will make a substantial contribution to the attainment of the SDGs for water and sanitation.

WOPs International

WOPs International is an international non-governmental organization with its global headquarter based in Barcelona, Spain.